Fractional Ownership, Frequently Asked Questions

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• All Common Areas are ready to use
• 100% buy back guarantee to the buyers that up great to Villas
• 100% ownership (fully transferable)
• Take Care of the moments & and the years look after themselves

Why Fractional Ownership is a Great Option

Fractional ownership is an affordable option for purchasing recreational property — especially these days. There’s also the usage factor. “The world average for use of a vacation property is 14 to 21 days.

“So why would you pay a full-time price for a property you only use part time? Fractional ownership gives you use of your property for the weeks the year you really needed — and you know everything will be clean and in perfect working order every time you show up.”

The Inevitable Downside

With so much apparently in their favor, there is a downside in fractional ownership. if you do need financing, it’s going to be tough to get. Short version: financial institutions aren’t interested. But no need to worry “The Villa” Resort Hua Hin, offer 36 months instalments as low as 5,000 BHT (900 RMB or 150 EU) for one week ownership, no deposit required.

Why all this sudden interest in vacation ‘property owner- ship

Particularly after the timeshare business got such a bad rap in the Seventies? “That was all hard sell and the quick deal with some pretty questionable practices and no regulation,” But along came state    regulation, which the industry supported, and the involvement of some major players—Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Westin, Disney, Hyatt—who suddenly saw interval ownership as an attractive vacation alternative.”

“It just makes a lot of sense,” in terms of to- day’s lifestyle and in terms of Low Investment needed.

Answers to Your Questions

Q: What is “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort?

Answer: “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort provides innovative second home options through fractional real estate Offerings. Designed a regional second home destination, “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort provides comfortable and spacious residences, but without the responsibilities associated with traditional second home ownership. With “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort management expertise, Owners have the freedom to personally enjoy their residence or rent

Originating in 2009, Black Lotus Resort has merely sold and evolved and is now “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort. Through research and experience in existing business offerings, we have witnessed a significant increase in the desire for carefree vacation home ownership.

These homeowners are time-starved and typically are seeking an active vacation lifestyle, including such activities as nearby golf, and Sea, and they want to avoid the day-to-day hassles of maintaining a second home. Property amenities include an owner’s lounge, Wellness Center and spa, swimming pool(s), and clothing/equipment storage area. Owners may also receive personalized services such as daily housekeeping and dedicated concierge

The fractional ownership structure varies in Residence fractions range from 14 days to one-quarter interests. Additionally, Owners can utilize property amenities during their visits, as well as occupy on a space-available basis during non-allocated periods.

Q: Where are “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort properties located?

Answer: “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort is Located in the western Hills of  Hua Hin “ The Royal City” of Thailand and just 5km from the city and the beach.

Q: Why was the concept developed?

Answer: “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort was created to provide a flexible and hassle-free approach to fractional ownership. Through extensive customer research, we identified the need to combine the benefits of second home ownership with all the amenities and services of a 5* hotel. Through research also found that many customers seldom utilize privately-owned second home properties to the fullest. Hence, came the opportunity to offer fractional real estate where there is greater parity between utilization and the economic benefit. Recognizing the importance of flexibility, Owners can rent unused time through their lodging networks. Or give it to the resort to run it for them.

Q: How is property ownership conveyed?

Answer: Fractional Owners of “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort your Fraction ownership will register in the ownership of the villa, the villa will be  register in the land department in compliances with the Thai law, your name will added in the Blue Book of the villa with all other owners, a contract with the owners will register to specified the Fix each owner Owns.

Q: What benefits are exclusive to “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort?

Answer: Flexibility is The Villas resort Hua Hin Besides taking pleasure in their home residence, Owners may stay as short as one night to allow for quick getaways or for longer respites. Year-round access to property amenities provide for enjoyable daytime visits.

Owners can rent their residences through a management company of their choice as an added convenience. As Popular vacation destination Hua Hin combined with services designed to provide care-free enjoyment of second home ownership and having a trustworthy and experienced company, like “The Villas” manage the property, complete the ownership picture.

Q: Do Owners pay dues?

Answer: Yes, dues pay for the management and operation of “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort properties. Included in these annual dues are each Owner’s pro-rata portion of expenses, which may include but are not limited to, utilities, common area expenses, homeowners’ management fee, and upkeep and security.

Fractional ownership also includes wall and floor maintenance of residence interiors and furniture replacement. Owners will also not be responsible of real estate and other taxes.

Q: Who establishes the schedule for fees and controls the affairs of the properties?

Answer: all cost are in the legal contract for each type of property with fixed prices for full transparency with no added cost.

Fractional Ownership

Q: What is fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership it was introduce as an advance opportunity of own a house for specific period of time, most of the international Chain hotels offer Fraction ownership, (Marriot Fraction ownership / Sheraton fraction ownership, Hilton fraction ownership)

Answer: Fractional ownership offers an alternative to traditional vacation home ownership. Owners purchase a “fraction” of a deeded residence that typically reflects actual usage, versus a wholly-owned residence that might only be used a small percentage of the year. For those in the market for a second home, fractional ownership can be a viable option due to reduced upfront capital and ownership without many of the traditional home ownership responsibilities. Fractional ownership with “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort provides comfortable residences and “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort management expertise.

Owners and their families enjoy a multitude of year-round activities within the destination, and services including on-site staffing, housekeeping, property maintenance and repair services.

Q: Is fractional ownership what is traditionally understood as timeshare?

Answer: NO..While both concepts buy access to time, in practice, the customers’ lifestyle needs are quite different. Before “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort entered the industry we studied the timeshare business very closely. While the company recognized the potential, it found that industry practices often did not comply with “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort standards. With its vacation ownership products, “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort wanted to create something that people could customize with unprecedented value, choice and flexibility, so its owners could enjoy their holidays the way they wanted, when they wanted, and to a great extent, where they wanted.

Q: How does “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort management and experience enhance fractional ownership properties?

Answer: Properties are managed by “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort, a company that is register under the Laws of Thailand and interval ownership industries. “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort is committed to each property from development to long-term management, while leveraging the company’s hospitality expertise and resources. Residences are designed and constructed so they can be easily maintained. Projects have capital reserves for projected maintenance and replacement costs.

What is the square footage for the fractional residences? What are the interior design elements??

Typically, the one-bedroom floor plans will start at 750 square feet. Penthouse with 1100 square Feet – 2 bedrooms at 1,250 square feet and 3 bedroom at 1700 square feet Interior and exterior elements The fractional residences will be fully-furnished including cookware, and flatware.

Q: What fractional benefits are exclusive to “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort?

Answer: Fractional benefits include:

  • Stays as short as one night allow for quick getaways or longer respites.
  • Owners can take advantage of last-minute, space-available privileges for additional nightly stays.
  • Year-round access to property amenities provide for enjoyable daytime visits in select locations.
  • Owners can rent their residences.

Q: Can Owners stay at “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort during periods other than their allocation?

Answer: Owners may request additional nights on a space-available basis. Reservations are subject to availability. The booking window for space-available usage varies by property and the length of stay may be limited.

Q: Can I sell my fractional interest?

Answer: Like any form of real estate, the Owner’s fractional interest can be sold, bequeathed or transferred by the Owner.

Q: How it works the legal Part of the ownership?

The sale documents are the same as you buy a house, the name of each share buyer is register officially in the Government as part owner of this specific weeks. In Thailand foreigner can legally buy a house with 100% ownership. Is also legal to register many names as owners in one house.

Q: Can Buyers rent their weeks if cannot come to stay—

Yes. The Buyers can rent their weeks or give it to relatives or friends, without have to ask the resort, for the weeks they own.

Q: What happen if they cannot come or rent out their weeks? They have to pay the Annual fees?

If the Buyer cannot come or they don’t rent their weeks, the resort will refund the fees for their weeks. And the resort have the rights to use their property.

Q: Can the buyers Resale their weeks?

The buyer can sale or rent their weeks, personally. By give it to other Agents or to the resort to sale it.

Q: Do the resort Buy Back the weeks if the buyer want to upgrade ownership to a Villa

The resort offers a full pay back option, when the customer wants to Buy a full ownership, of a villa or Penthouse in the Project, Include a 100% Bonus of their first capital.

Q: What is the risks for the buyers if the resort when Background

We have built up the operation to eliminate any possible risks as possible:

‘The Villas Resort Hua Hin is a limited company legally register in 2020, the company structure is only services of the existing and completed Villas and facilities.

The Weeks belong legally to them is not membership. The resort can close or sold but the ownership cannot change is the buyers don’t sing in person at the land department.

  • The Resort work as middle person, all home owners they pay their annual fees and utilities to the resort and the resort manage for them the Properties
  • The resort don’t have any other activities and all the expenses are based on the incoming from the home owners,.
  • There is already another 50 privet Villas already build and pay monthly fees, and much more under construction, with the same rules
  • Is any benefits for Buyer they want to buy for investment?
  • Investors (with large network) or Travel agents, they can buy weeks in different seasons that they know they can rent their property to others, or use companies like AirBNB.

Example: A Buyer can buy a week in their Country high season

They have to pay to the project the fees, about 155 ¥ or 20 € per day for two persons, they can rent it (if they use resort prices as per today) 652 ¥ or 85 € per day for two persons = 400% profit.

With “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort introduction of fractional ownership in 2020, expanded benefits include true second home features and 5* hotel services. The value, moreover, lies in the economics and utilization of real estate ownership, rather than in pre-paid vacations. In short, “The Villas” Hua Hin offers a second home alternative that is as viable as it is desirable.

The Villas Resort Hua Hin

The Villas Resort Hua Hin offer of fractional ownership combines all the advantages of a second home with the amenities and personal service of a luxury resort.

Our Vision

Welcome to “The Villas” Resort Hua Hin Development a unique compound in the western hills of Hua Hin, just 5km from the city and Hua Hin beach. Space – Privacy & Luxury is our goals, we deliver some of the most memorable eco-friendly experiences to guests and an outstanding level of care and return on investment to owners. In every property we manage, these engaging interactions are created by our people, a team who delivers incomparable levels of quality service. Our expansive properties offer our guests luxurious space for inspiration and enjoyment.

The concept is simple

You purchase number of weeks you wish to stay each year in your Pool “The Villas Hua Hin. The villa comprises of 48 available weeks per year. Your chosen weeks are yours to use each year for the rest of your life for a one time purchase. The only thing you need to pay on top is the yearly maintenance fee.

No other expense needs to be paid and we even include water, electricity, Internet, satellite TV, housekeeping and pool clearing. If you are unable to make use of your weeks each year you have the option to rent out your weeks ensuring a solid profit each year.

Let us make it perfectly clear – Forget timeshare

It has been important for us, in all aspects, to create a quality project where our customers can feel 100% safe during the entire process and where the price is kept so low that most people can fulfill their dream of having their own home away from home.

Our concept is quite unique as we offer our customers part ownership of their Pool villa and aim to create a life for them without worries or hassles. And in understanding our customers’ needs as well as the global economic situation, we have created a package-deal that eliminates all unnecessary bumps on the road to having your own personal resort getaway. The whole process is made as easy and transparent as possible.

The transparency in your ownership is total and all expenses are carefully explained in a simple fashion. There are no hidden expenses now or later. It has been our goal and ambition from the very beginning to create a quality resort where we would feel home ourselves. …. The Villas” Hua Hin are created for those who which is apparent in all aspects of the resort. All luxury features built into the project ensures optimal pleasure and comfort. All this is included for a price never seen before. To sum it up, The Villas” Hua Hin is the ultimate experience and investment for a very attractive price and the only thing you need to worry about is how to enjoy your time here as much as possible.

Everything else will be taken care of for you. ….we are not selling all-year vacation rentals but a Stay in your own home – and for a fraction of the price. It is up to you when you would like to have your Stay and your home will always be ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Your home because you own it. ….we will enjoy good wines, golf, massage, social activities and good food. We will love the wireless internet, our maid service and the fact that we are able to offer you home service to be enjoyed in your own home.

A trouble free existence without complications. So, it has been quite natural for us to include all these wonderful things into our project. Become a part of our easy and comfortable way of living by owning your own Pool Villa in The Villas Hua Hin ….the experience starts from home. You log into your personal page through our online interface and specify on which date you will arrive in Thailand.

You now have the option to choose if you would like to arrange a pick-up from the airport and you are also able to order a re-fill of your fridge with drink and other necessities. Our service team will make sure that your private belongings are made available to you upon your arrival. ….the online interface also gives you the option to change the dates of your stay with other owners of your villa. You are also able to keep in contact with neighbors and friend via the online interface. This interface also keeps you posted about any updates regarding Hua Hin and The Villas” Hua Hin project. The payment of common expenses can also be done through this interface.

Security ensures that the dream becomes reality

The Villas Hua Hin makes the dream come true. Our unique “shared ownership” concept gives you the possibility to own a dream-villa today and only pay a fraction of the price your normally would when purchasing a home in Thailand. This page gives you the information you need to understand why we offer full security and comfort when you choose to become a part-owner of a villa in the “The Villas” Hua Hin Resort residence.

Is part-ownership something for you?

If you are not living in Thailand 365 days a year then why pay people for cleaning your home, taking care of the garden and rinsing the pool? Why bother paying phone, internet and satellite TV when you are not there? …There are many expenses in having a house and expenses that can give a sense of obligation to visit your house again and again even though you might want to go somewhere else for your vacation.

We know and understand the concerns and problems related to having a full-time house that you are only able to stay in a few weeks a year. That is why we created our concept as a part-owner concept where you stay clear of all the traps related to timeshare. In our concept you have fix week’s in your own villa, that you own 100% and which you can sell at any point in time.

How does it work

Did you ever consider buying a vacation home with your friends? It can be hard to image that everyone agrees on who uses the home and when. How much do you set aside for maintenance and who pays if the home need repairs? One thing is the lovely thought of having a home where you only pay a small part but the cruel reality will sooner or later come knocking …

There are plenty of practical problems that might not have been clear in the beginning. Some of the friends might lose interest in the home and other might not have times. All of the sudden the good idea turned into a major headache. With The Villas Hua Hin, all rules for use of the villa, maintenance and other problems are handled from the very start. You know your weeks and your expenses and you can look forward to an investment where the only thing you need to do is to relax and enjoy your stay in your villa. The Villas Hua Hin will take care of everything.

Your villa will always be secure, clean and professionally maintained and ready for your holiday – all year long. You can look forward to your stay in your villa and enjoy the sophisticated lifestyle as you deserve. For a fraction of the price. You will never encounter expenses you did not agree on and you are not obligated to pay for any additional work on your villa if you and the other owners of your villa are not in 100% agreement on this. Such an expense could for example be an added feature to your villa.

48 weeks are available to sale in each villa

In The Villas Hua Hin, the villas are cut into 48 out of 52. Mean that there are 48 weeks available. The 4 remaining weeks are reserved for maintenance. When you buy a Week it does not come with an expiry date.

It is yours for life or until you sell it. If you choose to buy 4 week. You will become the 100% owner of your villa in the 4 weeks you choose which you can share with family, friends, business connections or whom you may see fit. The weeks also entitles you to a life-long membership of The Villas Hua Hin resort.

Freedom to choose

Our personal freedom is more important than ever and the selection of weeks you want to own your villa is up to you. And should it be that you are not able to occupy your villa in the weeks you own you are able to exchange weeks with other owners using our online interface – or you can rent your weeks. You can either do this yourself or we can assist you via our rental service.

Low recurring costs. With the shared ownership connect the recurring costs is split among all owners thereby keeping the amount you have to pay to a minimum. It is the same villa you will return to year after year and our service team will make sure that your personal belongings are to be found in your villa at each visit. We will make sure that your arrival will give you the feeling of returning home.

Option to Up Grate to a full time ownership

If you decide during your stay at your home in “The Villas” Hua Hin, this is the life style you would like to live the rest of your life, you can divert your full payment to a deposit to purchase a Villa or penthouse at “The Villas” Hua Hin.

Exchange of Weeks

Sometime many of the Buyers cannot come during the fix weeks you have buy, …Not a problem, you can exchange it to any weeks is best for you under the rules of your seasonal Week you have buy.

For example:

  • You own a week in Green Season, you can change it at any week the green period season (four months)
  • You own a week is Blue Season, you can change it at any week the Green or Blue season (eight months)
  • You own a week is Red Season, you can change it at any year around (twelve months) without any costs.