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Luxury living today means, clean design, five-star service and curated wellness amenities. Whether it’s Apartment or a Villa in our boutique development, we offer a range of services from 24 hour, Maintains & Reception, free shuttle bus, Spa & Wellness, Fitness, Restaurant & Bar, large common pools, 10,000 m2 of lush gardens … And much more … Our Residences feature top-of-the-line finishes and calming color schemes, privet swimming pool, lush Gardens, plus open floor plans and indoor/outdoor spaces.

We have create a resort-like atmosphere while still offering all the comforts of home.

In the world of luxury Villas & Condominiums, yesterday’s hottest amenities have become today’s standard features, prompting developers, architects and realtors to push the envelope in the hunt for those new extras to get an edge with buyers.

“Everybody does a nice bathroom now and a nice interior, everywhere you go,” said Eric Kerbs , marketing and sales director for Lotus Villas,

“Where we’re trying to go is beyond just amenities. We’re trying to look at how people live and try to rethink that,” Mr. Eric said.

“I see with my buyers that they want ultra-convenience,” said Ms. Nakapan, Director of Lotus Villas. “O.K., it’s got a concierge? Great. It’s got a Room Service? Awesome. If I order my groceries to the building the day before I get there, is there someone who’s going to take them and stock the fridge? Those are the kinds of questions they’re asking.”

So, what extras might present themselves in 2020, beyond expected luxuries such as 65-foot pools and serene treatment rooms, sumptuous lounge and library, exclusive Restaurant staffed by private chefs, swimming pools &  and that aforementioned five-star-hotel concierge service?

From on-call doctors and expertly run gyms to Golf clubs and airport taxis, here are some of the extras. we are adding to make life more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable for our residents.

Our Vision
Lotus Villas Residence Idea was born out of a desire to rethink the way the world is addressing the multicultural needs of the international travelers.

And Our Commitment to you
We’re phasing a generation of individuals with unique tastes, interests and lifestyles, and it’s our job to create an environment, where these people can maintain their independence, pursue their interests and do the things that make them, them.

Whether it’s the brand of coffee we serve in the cafe, the massages and therapies we offer in the spa & wellness Center or the type of pastries we order from the local bakery, every aspect of our development are informed by the people who live there – will be down to the very smallest of details.
We are not just a resort, we are creating an experience, our Guest is not about filling a building with all the latest features to make a good sales pitch: it’s about asking the right questions. Information about everything from the services we offer in our spas to the fresh ingredients we use in our restaurants. Every area of at Lotus Villas Residence development is tailored to benefit the well-being and social lives of those who will live there. On top of that, each development is managed by expert staff who go above and beyond to ensure every owner can make the most of all opportunities at their doorstep. Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle, A perfect retreat for you and your Family.

Our Mission

Our philosophy defines how we work to deliver exceptional experiences, every single day. Vision: Lotus Villas is known for the Extraordinary and Unforgettable ? an Authentic Getaway Experience. Mission: operates luxury villas and residential properties that deliver exceptionally memorable experiences to guests and an excellent level of care and return on investment to owners. Lotus Villas Motivation: Relationships ? Unity ? Environment. Our unique brand delivers on our company’s core values: Consistency? Expertise ? Awareness. experiences that entice the most sophisticated appetites. And underlying the full experience, expert service delivered with up-to-the-moment precision. Come as you are, and leave at your leisure. The whole resort will pulse throughout your fingertips.

The main pool in Lotus Hua Hin

The main pool in Lotus Hua Hin

The advantages of inhabiting Lotus Villas residence are limitless. Lotus Villas connects people who share the same values surrounding sustainable tourism and feel that inspiring experiences can be had in ecologically built spaces. Our guests, in turn, share delighted stories of time spent at our properties, and in doing so, become our greatest brand ambassadors. Staying at the Lotus Villas is not only worth it, but you deserve it. Beyond the property and its assets, we value the experience that you the customer will have and the memories you will make. Those moments will have given you a greater appreciation for nature, yourself, and mankind. Our eco-conscious villas are centered on building a lifestyle that allows residents to thrive.

Every detail of these unique residences from the energy saving insulation to the clean engineering devices reflects the distinctive standards of the Lotus Villas, surrounding guests like you with immeasurable comforts and a true sense of the Lotus Villas elegance. We provide uniquely personalized service in a location dedicated to space, refined elegance, and class.

Lotus Villas is characterized by a culture of service with a quality of touch, a rich spirit, and a soulful care for all human beings. We are passion about shaping a space that is community-oriented, environment-conscious, and conscientious of the love and wellness within a home. We are intent on reducing the environmental impact while contributing to the community. Thailand’s original beach resort is no discarded island and arguably is the better for it. Instead, it is a delightful mix of city authenticity and sea with an international ambiance, energetic markets, tasty street cuisines, long beaches and a fully functional infrastructure.

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Our corporate office serves as base operations for all hotels.

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Tap Tai, Soi 112, Hua Hin, 77110 Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand

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